FlameSafe® FSP 1000 Putty

Firestop for Electrical

Non-Hardening Firestop for Power and Data Communications Cables

FlameSafe® FSP 1000 Putty is an easy to install, non-hardening cost effective firestop approved for power and data communication cables. It is intumescent, expanding to arrest the spread of smoke, fire and toxic gases in fire-rated walls, ceilings and floors. FSP 1000 Putty offers excellent dielectric properties and allows for easy re-entry, making it especially well suited for applications in which penetrants change frequently. Best known for its ease of application and retrofit, FSP 1000 does not require tools – simply hand-pack the putty into the opening. In retrofit applications, remove the putty, make the necessary cable changes and repack the opening with the same putty!