Firestopping Product Selection Guide By Brand Name


FlameSafe® FS 4000 Silicone Sealant

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FlameSafe® FS 4000 Silicone Sealant is a flexible product used to prevent/reduce the spread of fire,
smoke, gases and water. It is designed for firestopping applications for penetrations, construction joints and perimeter (curtain wall) joints. It is offered in two forms, a non-sag caulk, which can be troweled, and a self-leveling grade that can be poured into place in floor applications. Actual installation may vary according to the type of firestop application.

FlameSafe® FS 1900 Series Sealant

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Intumescent, Elastomeric Firestop
FlameSafe® FS 1900 is a high-performance, elastomeric and intumescent sealant. It is a high-solids, water-based compound engineered to provide exceptional adhesive and elastomeric properties for the demanding firestop requirements of pipe, cable, sprinkler penetrations and construction joints in environments subjected to frequent expansion and contraction. FlameSafe® FS 1900 is highly intumescent, expanding to fill the void created by the melting and burning of plastic pipe, insulated pipe, and plastic-coated cables. FlameSafe® FS 1900 does not contain solvents. As a result, it is not toxic and cannot damage plastic pipes or cable jackets.

FlameSafe® FS 900+ Series Sealant

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FlameSafe® FS 900+ Sealant is cost-effective, water-based and cures to form a flexible shield against the spread of fire and smoke. It is available in two grades: caulkable/ trowelable (CG) and self-leveling (SL). FS 900+ does not contain solvents and, as a result, is not toxic and will not damage plastic pipes or cable jackets.

 ARC Protection Products

FlameSafe® AFT Series Fire-Retardant Arc Tape

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PVC-based tape was designed for use in well ventilated areas. An excellent blend of performance and economy, this tape is backed by tough conformable non-woven backing that will not melt off or split during a fire as unbacked thermoplastic films.

FlameSafe® Arc Proof Sleeve

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The FlameSafe Arc Proof Sleeve is a custom dip-molded product that has been designed for application onto large power and utility cables. These Arc Proof Sleeves are custom designed to provide fire and fault arc protection for large electrical power cables that are not easily protected by the conventional arc proof tapes. The Arc Proof Sleeve is intended for arc faults, flame resistance and saltwater immersion in underground vaults.

FlameSafe® Arc Proof Y-Splice Boots

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FlameSafe Custom Dip-Molded Arc Proof Y-Splice Boots are available in any size to meet the special needs of utilities and heavy industrial users. These boots are custom designed to provide fire and fault arc protection for cable connectors not easily protected with standard tape products, custom sizes are also available. FlameSafe custom boots have been tested and approved by Consolidated Edison in New York for fault arcing, flame resistance and salt water immersion in underground vaults and structures.

FlameSafe® Arc Protection Products

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FlameSafe Arc Protection Products are designed to limit the propagation of fire on electrical conductors such as cables in trays, loose cable bundles and other cable installations.

FlameSafe® C 700+ Elastomeric Spray

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FlameSafe C700+ Elastomeric Spray is a water-based, ready-to-use, spray. Factory Mutual approved, it is designed to prevent vertical or horizontal propagation of fire along grouped or single cables. C700+ is suitable for interior or exterior applications. It is UV resistant and virtually unaffected by radiation exposure.

FlameSafe® CF Series Cable Tray Blanket

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The FlameSafe CF Series Cable Tray Blanket is chlorine-free, fire- etardant and provides a quick, clean and easy way to protect cable trays from fire and physical damage. It prevents fire from spreading from a lower tray to an upper tray.When used in conjunction with a FlameSafe Bag, it will limit the spread of fire within the tray itself.

FlameSafe® CFR Series Fire retardant Arc Tape

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Non-halogenated, chlorine-free tape was developed to answer the need for a nontoxic, low smoke product for areas in which there are people or equipment. It extends the protection to single cables or small cable bundles that would be impractical to spray.When burned, it forms a tough ceramic tube to protect cable.

FlameSafe® Quick Seal Cable End Caps

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FlameSafe Quick Seal Cable End Caps are a no-fuss answer to all of your cable capping needs. These inexpensive vinyl caps are partially filled with a pliable butyl mastic sealant. They are designed to produce an instant seal against moisture and corrosion.


FlameSafe® Bags

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Through-Penetration Firestops that Expand to Seal Out Fire, Smoke and Toxic Gasses
FlameSafe® Bags are a unique firestop product allowing easy access to cables, cable trays, and metallic pipes for through-penetrations in fire-rated floors and walls. FlameSafe® Bags are patented bags consisting of tightly woven, durable, coated cloth, filled with a combination of mineral fibers, incombustible components, intumescent agents and special fire-retardant additives. They are resistive to the environment and retain their properties and effectiveness when subjected to weather, temperature and atmospheric conditions.

FlameSafe® Pillows

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Intumescent Firestops that Seal Out Fire and Smoke
FlameSafe® Pillows are an economical firestop product allowing easy access to cables, cable trays, and conduit for through-penetrations in fire-rated walls. FlameSafe® Pillows feature 4 lb. density mineral wool, incombustible components, intumescent agents and special fire-retardant additives encased in a polyethylene liner.

Putty/Putty Pads

FlameSafe® FSP 1000 Putty

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Non-Hardening Firestop for Power and Data Communications Cables
FlameSafe® FSP 1000 Putty is an easy to install, non-hardening cost effective firestop approved for power and data communication cables. It is intumescent, expanding to arrest the spread of smoke, fire and toxic gases in fire-rated walls, ceilings and floors. FSP 1000 Putty offers excellent dielectric properties and allows for easy re-entry, making it especially well suited for applications in which penetrants change frequently. Best known for its ease of application and retrofit, FSP 1000 does not require tools – simply hand-pack the putty into the opening. In retrofit applications, remove the putty, make the necessary cable changes and repack the opening with the same putty!

FlameSafe® Electrical Box Inserts

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FlameSafe® Electrical Box Inserts are highly intumescent, fire-rated pads for use in electrical boxes. When complying with the “24 inch rule”, it is inserted on the inside back wall of an electrical box.

When exposed to fire, FlameSafe® Electrical Box Insert will expand forming a char that will seal off the opening and prevent the spread of flames and limit the temperature rise on the unexposed surfaces. A labor saving, economical alternative to putty pads. Great for retrofit jobs. STC 53 Rating, Tested in a UL 411 wall assembly/section to ASTM E90.US Patent No. 6,207,085 & 6,252,167

FlameSafe® Gasket

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FlameSafe® Gasket is a single component, fire-rated gasket for use with electrical boxes to comply with the “24 inch rule”. FlameSafe® Gasket fits under the cover plate and does not take up volume in the electrical box.

 Mortar/Large Opening

FlameSafe® FSM 22 Mortar Seal

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Ensures a Gas-Tight, Smoke-Tight Seal for Large Openings
FlameSafe®) Mortar Seal is the most cost-effective endothermic firestop material available for projects with many large openings. It is a lightweight, low density product that is mixed with varying amounts of water to produce the proper consistency for pouring, pumping or troweling into the cavity. Common plaster machines may be used to mix and pump into large openings. Mortar Seal is a paintable product that does not shrink and when cured ensures a smoke-tight seal. It has a zero flame spread and does not contain solvents, asbestos or silicones. It produces virtually no toxic fumes or smoke when burned.

FlameSafe® Composite Sheet

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is a rigid, fire resistive panel used to seal penetrations and restore the fire-rating to floors, ceilings or walls in which a large opening has been made for the passage of penetrating items. It is made of a reinforced, highly intumescent material which is bonded on one side to a galvanized steel sheet.

Wrap Strips

FlameSafe® Intumescent Wrap Strip

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Resilient Strip Designed to Firestop Combustible Penetrants
The FlameSafe® Intumescent Wrap Strip (FSWS) is a highly flexible, resilient strip designed to firestop combustible penetrants in fire-rated walls and floors. Highly intumescent, the FSWS rapidly forms a dense char to prevent the spread of fire, smoke and toxic gasses when exposed to temperatures in excess of 250°F (121°C). The FSWS continues to expand up to 1000°F (538°C). Available in 12′ rolls, the FlameSafe® Wrap Strip is available in two widths and is easy to cut and fabricate. US Patent No. 6,207,085.

FlameSafe® Joint Strip

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FlameSafe® Joint Strip is a flexible, highly intumescent firestop material used in concrete and masonry floor and wall joints up to 1″ wide. It forms a strong insulating char that prevents the passage of flame, smoke and hot gases between joints. FlameSafe® Joint Strip is ideal for stadium construction, tilt up panels, curtain wall panels and all concrete and masonry wall and floor construction joint applications where a fire-rated joint is required. US Patent No. 6,207,085.


FlameSafe® Firestop Device

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Creates an instant cold seal against fire, smoke and toxic gases
on plastic pipes and non-metallic conduits
The FlameSafe® Firestop Device (FSD), available in several sizes, is a simple solution to PVC, CPVC and non-metallic conduit installations. Manufactured from a durable galvanized steel outer shell that is lined with highly intumescent, malleable fill material, it easily wraps around a pipe to produce an immediate cold gas fire seal. The device, also called a “collar,” bolts together and is affixed by screws to the wall or underside of a floor.

FlameSafe® Intumescent Sleeve

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Firestops Both Sides of Wall or Floor with One Installation
The FlameSafe® Intumescent Sleeve (FSIS) is a firestop seal for PVC, cc-PVC, CPVC, FRPP, PP and ABS pipe and rigid nonmetallic conduit installations. Easily installed without modification, steel bolts or fasteners, the FSIS is an ideal approach for firestopping combustible pipes penetrating the uneven contours of a concrete fluted deck assembly and eliminates the need for collars or wrap strips. The FlameSafe® Intumescent Sleeve easily wraps around pipes and is manufactured from a durable 28 gauge galvanized steel outer shell that is lined with FlameSafe® FSP 1100, a highly intumescent, malleable material. It is installed with either fiberglass tape, pop rivets or stainless steel hose clamps around the pipe. When used in conjunction with the FS 900+ or FS 1900 caulk, it produces an immediate smoke seal. US Patent No. 6,207,085.

FlameSafe® Intumescent Wrap Strip Collar

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Resilient Strip Designed to Firestop Combustible Penetrants
The FlameSafe® Intumescent Wrap Strip (FSWS) Collar utilizes the FlameSafe® Intumescent Wrap Strip (FSWS) in conjunction with a sheet metal restraining collar to direct the expansion of the wrap strip into the penetrant item during a fire. The restraining collar and FSWS are available separately in 12 and 25 foot rolls respectively or as preassembled devices. US Patent No. 6,207,085.

Sprayable Sealant

FlameSafe® FS 3000 Spray

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Elastomeric, Sprayable Firestop
FlameSafe® FS 3000 is a water based, elastomeric firestop that is designed for spray applications onto construction joints and curtain wall joint assemblies. FS 3000 cures to form a flexible membrane seal. The FS 3000 has been tested to dynamic conditions in accordance with ASTM E1399 relating to seismic, wind sway and thermal expansion/contraction environments. Sound Transmission Class (STC) Rating 62. The ease of application provides an efficient way to firestop.

FlameSafe® FS 2000 Spray

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Sprays on and cures to an elastomeric membrane seal preventing the spread of flames, smoke, hot gases and water through construction joints, curtain wall assemblies and general construction gaps and voids • Economical means of installation on long joint runs.